Very good advice provided here on kitchen colors that have the least chance of looking 'dated' in 10 years.  My favorite piece of advice is the last one.  Don't be afraid of trendy colors, most of us can use some color and flash in our lives, but limit it to those things that can be easily/cheaply changed back.  Such as light fixtures, stools, countertop accents, etc.  This will also help to keep your kitchen feeling fresh and new.  Ask any staging expert, the smallest changes can make a world of difference.
My feeble male brain can only process pictures, and here's a great one of land values over the last 40 years.
The argument made by the creators of this image, is that the value of land is what actually appreciates, not the improvements (home, garage, etc.) built on it.  There is sound merit to that argument, in that structures built on land deteriorate and depreciate over time, thus slowly losing value.  This image truly is visual reinforcement of the old real estate adage, 'location, location, location...'  There are two important thing I always tell my clients when looking for a home: 1. You can never change the location of the land you own so have an idea of the lifestyle you want when looking; and 2. A wet basement is the only thing you can potentially never fix with a home.
Great information if remodeling your kitchen.  Also some gorgeous ideas.
If you are not familiar with, it's a fantastic web site for design ideas.