Whether you are a millennial or a baby boomer, one trend is clear.  More people want to incorporate their passions into their homes.  A popular interest across all generations is wine, and having a wine cellar is a perfect way to mesh passion and home.

Some gorgeous options here.  I've started seeing a lot of #3 and #4 in many new construction homes and remodeled basements.  I love the idea of #2, especially for a closet that is just holding junk that can be thrown away and never missed.
Great article to provide ideas on different design thoughts.  There are some creative easy ways to create unique spaces and personalize things.  If something resonates with your personality, you should not be dissuaded from pursing it because it doesn't conform to accepted standards.

There's really only one that I disagree with, and that is the one regarding following trends.  I agree it's okay to adopt a new trend in a scale larger than that of replaceable accessories, but to fully embrace a new trend with reckless abandon could lead to serious remorse down the line.

Read through and decide which ones you agree with and which ones you can do without.

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We all want our home to be perfect for our lifestyles, but when it comes time to resell, our mindset has to change. We now need to appeal to the masses.  Here are 6 renovations that can hurt the value of your home.

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Very good advice provided here on kitchen colors that have the least chance of looking 'dated' in 10 years.  My favorite piece of advice is the last one.  Don't be afraid of trendy colors, most of us can use some color and flash in our lives, but limit it to those things that can be easily/cheaply changed back.  Such as light fixtures, stools, countertop accents, etc.  This will also help to keep your kitchen feeling fresh and new.  Ask any staging expert, the smallest changes can make a world of difference.
Great information if remodeling your kitchen.  Also some gorgeous ideas.
If you are not familiar with Houzz.com, it's a fantastic web site for design ideas.