We all want our home to be perfect for our lifestyles, but when it comes time to resell, our mindset has to change. We now need to appeal to the masses.  Here are 6 renovations that can hurt the value of your home.

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So it is interesting and very good written and see what they think about other people.

02/21/2017 2:16pm

Deciding for a renovation? You must read this article. It states 6 negative result in renovating your house. In renovating house, it is not always making it new or this will always in the positive result. First, you have to give your budget to it in order to fulfill the best result the you want. Then, you will exert so much effort to it, even though you have assigned others to do it, it will still be a stress just simply in monitoring it. Lastly, it is will take to much cost, specially if you really want it to be the very best renovation ever.

Hmm… I read blogs on a similar topic, but I never visited your blog. I added it to favorites and I'll be your constant reader.

12/30/2016 4:08pm

I read the article thoroughly and the tips you have discussed there which can hurt the value of your home are very important. Renovation for the special purpose should be done very carefully.

01/18/2017 6:47pm

Before we decide to have a renovation in our houses, there are many considerations we need to take. Aside from the budget, other factors should be highly considered. Not all renovations are successful that's why it requires huge amount of time for the planning. I hope home owners would really study if they will push through with the renovation they want in their houses.

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