Great article to provide ideas on different design thoughts.  There are some creative easy ways to create unique spaces and personalize things.  If something resonates with your personality, you should not be dissuaded from pursing it because it doesn't conform to accepted standards.

There's really only one that I disagree with, and that is the one regarding following trends.  I agree it's okay to adopt a new trend in a scale larger than that of replaceable accessories, but to fully embrace a new trend with reckless abandon could lead to serious remorse down the line.

Read through and decide which ones you agree with and which ones you can do without.

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06/08/2016 10:42pm

Yeah, I believe that designing your room or house, you must be able to portray who you are and what you really like. When I see trends I easily get attracted to it and wanting it to be designed in my place. But now I realized that it must not be done fully because trends are just a trending design that month or that year it will surely lose its beauty once it is out of trend. What I mean about this is that it will be unattractive to people that will see the design. I believe that designing must be connected to your personality to feel that you are in your own place.

Thank you for sharing the following tips on how to decorate a house well. I think I would follow some of the tips such as the ceiling in white and the collection thingy. It is really an informative blog about decorations. I would suggest some of these with my friends. They will surely love those!

02/13/2017 2:08am

Great post, thanks for sharing these. I don't believe any myths to like this kind of things. Placing somethings in your house just because they will bring a great fortune is not making any sense. Placing your furniture or renovate your house in whatever you like will not make some bad things happen. I don't have a house yet, because I'm still living in my parent's house. But after reading this post I don't have to keep anything in mind while making or renovating my house.

02/16/2017 3:53am

I saw the pictures and it just shocked me. On our place we don't care how many pillow we had on the couch, and the one that you mentioned surprises me. For the chairs as well it must go on and off with a rug. What I will normally do on that I will align them and put all the chairs out of the rug. For the ceiling, for me, I like to paint it with different colors, but for you it should be plain white. Nice article for sharing.

As an architecture student studying in Portland, our professor tasked us to look and search for myths about design and art. Right after he instructed us, I immediately open my laptop and look online for the answers that I need. I believe your post has greatly helped me find the information and evidence that I must acquire. These myths made me realize that as soon to be Architect, we must be responsible enough for all the designs that we will do and we must look at every angle and details of the design or the structure.

12/19/2016 4:51am

My mantra in decorating is that it should follow my own taste, and that it should be very relaxing. I want a room that I know followed my own directions. I want it to be filled with objects that I specifically chose. But I also want it to be something that would caress with my senses. After all, a stressful space and condition isn't livable at all.

02/09/2017 2:51pm

This is a great reminder to us. All of your thoughts about this myths are very true. When decorating your home, isn’t it a little frustrating when you’re faced with a lot of restriction or limitation just because other people think that you can’t do this or that? Yes, there are some rules when it comes to choosing colors to paint your walls or when buying the right living room furniture set. But when it’s starting to restrict your creativity and your home starts to look like somebody else’s, it’s time to go past those and follow your heart.

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