Whether you are a millennial or a baby boomer, one trend is clear.  More people want to incorporate their passions into their homes.  A popular interest across all generations is wine, and having a wine cellar is a perfect way to mesh passion and home.

Some gorgeous options here.  I've started seeing a lot of #3 and #4 in many new construction homes and remodeled basements.  I love the idea of #2, especially for a closet that is just holding junk that can be thrown away and never missed.


09/20/2016 4:55am

very well po

09/20/2016 10:30pm

I have never thought that having wine cellars in a house will make it look more classy and luxurious. I have no idea about designing houses yet it's a good thing I have found this blog. I love the terrific tiles style which I think will make you think that you're in the other dimensions of the world. I also love the glass style. The house will look more elegant with it.

01/21/2017 4:06pm

It’s not that wine cellar are gaining popularity. It just that some people are collecting different kinds of liquor they bought during their trips. I think it’s a personal achievement. My husband designed a wine cellar for my brother in law because he’s been collecting different kinds of liquor he bought from his cruise. He works in a cruise that’s why he has the privilege to buy liquors from different ports around the world. He kept it until he gets to come home during the season’s break. He has over a hundred different wines and liquors in his cellar to date.

01/24/2017 12:31am

We all dream of owning a fine collection of wines. It's a wonderful feeling to have the perfect bottle for every occasion. Assembling a cellar can take years to finish. But it will be worth it so you should start now. I hope more and more people are really interested in wines this year. Thanks for sharing this post. Have a nice day!

09/20/2016 5:01am

Wine is very famous in people. But wine is not good for lungs and we should avoid the wine. Nowadays every person want to drink wine. Wine has many disadvantage for us. We should care about our health.


Yes they really are. I have a wine cellar at my home. This is quiet handy!

06/20/2017 9:00pm

I am not really a wine drinker. I used to have a friend who told me even if you don't drink wine, you still need to make wine available because you are being disrespectful to guests if you don't offer wine. That had me thinking. It's like I am on a diet and I am forcing people to follow the same diet. So I began studying wine ever since.


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